Interactive Ethical Hacking Trainings

Books are cool, tutorials are better, but direct & real-time learning with your instructor is the best!

Many platforms share knowledge through books or video tutorials where there is no interactivity. We believe that interactivity is crucial part in learning, and and we are focused to deliver high-quality interactive trainings where all students interact and discuss the challenges in a friendly environment with the instructor.

Solution: Pentestiverse gives you an end-to-end journey in which you are interactively learning with your instructor (directly) enjoing the process of learning in 18+ domains (including the advanced levels & labs), while getting all refined theoretical, practical and personal experience!


Interactive journeys

Learning Cyber Security is fun! Equip yourself with skills that are valuable worldwide and enjoy learning via interactive journeys with your instructor from anywhere.

Cyber Security professionals are well paid worldwide, and they are treated with respect and integrity. Invest in your knowledge and learn from real-life journeys and become the ultimate security professional.


Consulting & Pentesting

Companies and Individuals can "borrow" our talents for on-demand consults & execution of certain pentests.

Pentestiverse also collaborates with companies and individuals, consulting them on the best security practices, Incident recoveries, Secure Development, providing safe-by-design architectures etc.


Interactive Journeys

Pentestiverse provides high-quality theoretical, practical & personal expertise packs in all-in-one journeys. Enroll in your preferred journey and become Experienced Security Professional, learning from experts with 10+ experience in the field!

..or just ask us if we can help you with something in our domain...

Consult with us!

Learn what matters - nothing more & nothing less.

Our business model ensures that all students absorb the knowlegde in normal learning pace.
We answer to everyone's "why" which makes us so unique!