Learn, Pentest, Outsource.

Pentestiverse focuses towards providing high-quality real-time remote education to company employees and individuals, offering opportunities for outsourcing trained security professionals to the market for those that need on-demand pentesting.

Challenge: There is a huge worldwide gap between the demand of experienced IT staff and available trained professionals. Hiring inexperienced employees in cybersecurity domains can result in a massive reputation damage and financial loss on your business. We are here to save the day.

Solution: Pentestiverse is transforming the market by converting the outdated or unemployed juniors to experienced modern employees entirely remotely, and provides refined theoretical, practical and personal experience packs!

Pentestiverse also acts as "the middle man" and offers the companies an opportunity of outsourcing their own trained professionals to those that are in need for an on-demand pentesting, which increases their ROI.


Interactive Journeys

Learning cyber security was always fun and intriguing! Equip yourself or your employees with the skills that are recognized worldwide and enjoy learning via interactive journeys with your instructor from anywhere.

ChatGPT won't be able to replace you! Invest in your knowledge and learn from real-life examples and become the ultimate security professional that everyone wants to hire and outsource.


SecurityWalker PTaaS

We make companies safe and cybersecurity professionals rich.

We currently develop a platform that will simplify the process of outsourcing pentesters worldwide, and connect companies that need pentesting services, with companies that offer pentesting services that were built with Pentestiverse. Simple, efficient, remote and completely ethical.


Interactive Journeys

Pentestiverse provides high-quality theoretical, practical & personal expertise packs in specialized journeys.
Enroll in your preferred journey and define your own roadmap.

Learn what matters - nothing more & nothing less.

Our business model ensures that all students absorb the knowlegde in normal learning pace.
We answer to everyone's "why" which makes us so unique!